Christie (_cuttingedge_) wrote in molm_fans,

New Here


I'm Christie, I'm sixteen, and I'm new here. Obviously.
Man of La Mancha was the most recent show I have done, where I played Antonia. It was a fun experience although I didn't get cast in the role I would have liked to be (Aldonza). Oh well. I plan on doing this musical some time again in the future. It's a fun show.
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K I am hoping someone can help me out. I am a huge fan of this play. It was the very first musical I ever done. I played Anselmo (yes I know a Muleteer) A girl can do it as long as she can sing tenor like me lol. Anyway I want to have a Man of La Mancha picture how do I get one, so I do not see this head anymore?
Hey, a girl played a muleteer in our production as well. :)
I'm not sure I understand your question about the picture though...