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Hey guys! My school is doing Man of La Mancha as their musical this year (March 4-6, Bow High, New Hampshire if you're in the area...). This is my first theater experience and I LOVE it!

I'm casted as the only female muleteer (TenoriA). Now, I am 4'11'' (17 years old..shorty), very girly and all so I need help! I want people to see that I'm being like one of them. Only, I never really been around tomboys and I haven't found an inspiration on TV. I need advice on how to walk, what kind of talk you think I should pantamine, and also how I should react to when the others are hitting on Aldonza.

My favorite scene is the Gypsies. I wish they would let me be one, too, but alas the freshman girls are taking the spots. Gah.
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