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[03 Feb 2007|02:47pm]

As of yesterday there is a new community in LJ
for fans of Miguel de Cervantes
and William Shakespeare
and most especially for fans of both geniuses.

Join and let's get the discussion going. :)

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The Impossible Dream [26 Feb 2006|12:33am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi. I'm new to the community, and I'm not sure if this is allowed. This is my absolute favorite musical ... ev-er. And I have a little request. I'm a member of ostnotes and posted the following thing there, and didn't really get much of a response, but I was wondering if I could get more help here. If this isn't allowed, please let me know. I looked at the info page and it didn't really give me any guidelines, so here I go.

"I've been desperately seeking the following albums for Man Of La Mancha and would appreciate any help you kind folks can give me.

scroll down a little on the left to get to it.

I would like the English language ones foremostly, except for #4, #18 & #19 since I already have them, followed by any non-english ones that might be found.

This is my favorite musical and any help completing my collection would be much apreciated."

Also, any bootlegs you have (audio or visual) would be happily recieved. Now if you want to trade albums, I have a whole shlew of soundtracks (mostly film) and some regular albums to browse through if you want something in return. My soundtrack playlist is here. My non-soundtrack playlist is here. Thank you again for any help you can give me.

Much La Mancha love,
- Jade.

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New Here [22 Jul 2005|11:11pm]


I'm Christie, I'm sixteen, and I'm new here. Obviously.
Man of La Mancha was the most recent show I have done, where I played Antonia. It was a fun experience although I didn't get cast in the role I would have liked to be (Aldonza). Oh well. I plan on doing this musical some time again in the future. It's a fun show.
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[23 Mar 2005|08:20pm]

New community for fans of Brian Stokes Mitchell!

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[23 Mar 2005|01:52pm]

Has anyone here ever e-mailed Brian Stokes Mitchell? I e-mailed him not long ago and am waiting for a reply.
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[18 Mar 2005|10:37pm]

Hello, I am new.

My name is Dulcinea...no, I'm not joking. I was, in fact, named after the lovely character from this very story. Ever since I was a small girl I have loved the story of Don Quixote and longed to disappear into his world...and at last I have the chance. I will be portraying Aldonza/Dulcinea in the musical "Man of La Mancha" at a theatre in my town very soon. Our cast is spectacular and our budget was just increased, so the beauty of our show will be even more than we had imagined.
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new here [17 Mar 2005|12:38am]

[ mood | chipper ]

hello all! i'm new to the scene!

I saw Man of La Mancha last summer. my godfather was in it (he played sancho) and i love it sooooooo much! i have the cd and script book! i've memorized all the songs and i sing them around my friends. of course none of them have seen it and think i'm weird, but that's ok.

Man of La Mancha = SO COOL!

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Reading Don Quixote on Livejournal [19 Jan 2005|10:19am]

Hey all who are interested in Don Quixote. I'm currently reading it for my classical studies and am having a discussion in "Orthoclassics" community. If anyone would like to join, please do! I only have a couple people reading and doing the work, but if you would like to jump in with us, we're only at chapter 4. We're following a certain outline, but it's really not that difficult. We're following the 'trivium' pattern, which I explain in earlier entries.

Hope to see some of you there!
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[12 May 2004|01:06am]

help. please. ill be your slave forever. does anyone have the exact lines from the script from the scene with aldonza and the horses that begins...
"aye there old hack, little burrow..." please. anyone that can help by this afternoon. please. please. please. thankyou.
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help! [06 Apr 2004|04:40pm]

this is for anyone who has the script...can someone tell me when the horses dance during "man of la mancha"? it would help me so much..thanks!
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advice! [08 Feb 2004|12:18am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey guys! My school is doing Man of La Mancha as their musical this year (March 4-6, Bow High, New Hampshire if you're in the area...). This is my first theater experience and I LOVE it!

I'm casted as the only female muleteer (TenoriA). Now, I am 4'11'' (17 years old..shorty), very girly and all so I need help! I want people to see that I'm being like one of them. Only, I never really been around tomboys and I haven't found an inspiration on TV. I need advice on how to walk, what kind of talk you think I should pantamine, and also how I should react to when the others are hitting on Aldonza.

My favorite scene is the Gypsies. I wish they would let me be one, too, but alas the freshman girls are taking the spots. Gah.

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[05 Feb 2004|05:58pm]

hey everyone! i JUST finished a performance of Man of La Mancha (closing show was last Sunday), and i miss it so much. it is one of my favorite musicals ever, and i just love it. my favorite characters are Don Quixote and Aldonza.
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[13 Dec 2003|01:35pm]

What is illness to the body of a Knight-Errant? What matter wounds? For each time he falls he shall rise again and WOE TO THE WICKED!
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[29 Nov 2003|10:03pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi, I just joined. I did MOLM as my freshman year's musical, and it's always been a favorite musical of mine.

My favorite character from the show is Sancho or the Barber. My favorite song is "Aldonza".

Anyways, don't have much to say other than that MOLM is a wonderful show and hopefully I can see it professionally done someday.

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Introduction [29 Nov 2003|05:16pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Hey guys! I just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Julie, I'm 19 years old, and I live near Chicago.

I fell in love with MOLM when I did an incredibly huge presentation on the show last year. After dedicating that much time to learning about the show and doing my own scenic and costume designs, blocking, and production book, I was fortunate enough to go to New York for the first time and see the show. Honestly, I didn't realize that was a "cut" version of the script, as someone said. I had worked on that show for months and didn't realize the script was different. Maybe I was just too captivated by the set. (: What was cut?

My mother went to HS with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, so I've been fortunate enough to kind of grow up knowing who she was. I met her finally after the show, and when she found out who I was, she spent a lot of time talking to me about my family and asking about everyone, even while she was signing other people's autographs. I thought it was really nice of her to be that connected with people from her past, and not just caught up in her fame. She was very gracious to all of her fans.

Anyway, like I said, I'm just saying hi. Nice to meet you all!

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[28 Nov 2003|09:49pm]

I have a suggestion - add some interests, like Richard Kiley, Joan Diener, Robert Rousenville, Mitch Leigh, Joe Darion, and Dale Wasserman. And Placido Domingo and Mandy Patinkin for cheap entertainment value.

I do love MoLM - gorgeous score by Mitch Leigh, and the material can be extremely powerful if the show is well-acted.

Of course, the cut-down version that played at the Martin Beck last season was a travesty, hardly worthy to be called Man of la Mancha. The acting wasn't awful, but Jonathan Kent shouldn't have been allowed near that material with a ten-foot pole.
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Hey everybody! :D [28 Nov 2003|09:44pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey! I saw Man of La Mancha a few months ago when Brian Stokes Mitchell starred, and I was blown away completely.

If no one minds, I'd like to work on an icon for the community. e.e; I dunno, i just like the whole play and I'd like to see what I can come up with or whatever. Y'all dont have to use it or anything. lol

ANYWAY. Hehe, I just thought I'd join up since I loved the play so very very much..I thought Brian deserved the Tony, but that's just me. -_-; Or I mean, at least give the production crew something for that set design. Good Lord, it was amazing.


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Woooo.. [28 Nov 2003|09:17pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Well, it's now an official community! Fun stuff! Sooo, I hope people join n all that jazz..

OH, and also if anyone wants to make a better icon for the community, feel free, I was just using the one I had which was made by rosefyre. Thank you very much! ;)

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